Saturday, November 7, 2009

Article: Paula Rego

I like to post about artists that have both engaging artwork and personalities, Paula Rego is definitely one of them.

"Art, she says, is 'disgusting and to be avoided'. What she is really interested in, she says, is 'the beautiful grotesque'"

"Paula Rego’s studio is a mixture of curiosity shop, Victorian nursery and chamber of horrors. The props serve as the models and the inspiration for her drawings and paintings, but more than that you sense they are metaphors and emblems for the world of Rego’s imagination, phantoms of memory, myth and nightmare."

When I was flipping through the images of her paintings, I felt extremely... grossed out? Not in a negative way whatsoever, but Rego's truly achieved her goal of making the viewer uncomfortable, uneasy and possibly even a little afraid. Amazing work.

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